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Dirk B. Aden

10 Jahre Wiesmoor-info     August 2001- August 2011

Ostfriesen-Zeitung of Wall Lake, Iowa

This paper got published for about 90 years. It was a spiritual bond between Ostfriesland and its emigrants in America, esp. in the midwest. Dirk Bernhard Aden of Strackholt has been the reporter, editor and publisher for most of that time.

The last issue of that paper, issue # 12/71 got printed in december 1971.
Relatives of him still have that issue on file  and  I could get a copy of the front page which I will post here  as a memory honoring the great work of Dirk Bernhard Aden.

Aden died on March 6, 1972, another newspaper in the German language, Volkszeitung-Tribüne published an obituary over 3 pages.

Ostfriesen-Zeitung last issue1Obit Aden 1

Obit Aden 2Obit Aden 3